The Idea

Lovestoned was born in Los Angeles as I felt the need to creatie awareness  for one of  the most important topics in life, selflove. .

I was staying in one of the most beautiful hotels in Los Angeles, The Four Seasons, and besides the beautiful environment i wasn’t happy.

I lost the little boy inside me along the way.

I used to be happy always smiling, i took good care of my body, i worked out a lot and the food i ate was quite well balanced.

My priority  for what was important in my life completely changed over time.

And the new idea’s of what was most important in life wheren’t my beliefs but where beliefs of other people I picked up along the way.

The way is was living my life was not of a sperson who was loving himself and was happy with his life.

As i started my research i noticed that people have lot of different feeling with this topic.

Some people thought of it as selfishness or narcistic and some even gave it a sexual load.

Many people have probleem with looking at themselves in the the mirror and sincerely say i love You.

And I myself had a long journey where I said I love myself but besides saying it, was my action really in balance with what I said ?

And my journey began there.

It took me years to get rid of my fals beliefs over what was important while theoretically I knew.

But how difficult is it to let go of these beliefs and in my case bad habits and self-destructive behaviour that didn’t serve me at all.

But before I could go out and create awareness for this topic I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t go out with this message until I defeated my own enemy inside who was sabotaging me.

And on the other hand I am grateful that it was a journey that took me longer to achieve so I can hopefully help and understand others who are dealing with the same topic.

Finally I started my mission and because I have a passion for fashion and it is my dream to create beautiful clothes for women as well as man,  i hereby introduce my new brand Lovestoned.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We are Lovestoned